A story for a lifetime

Six Production Categories to Choose From!

Story Productions offers a One-Stop-Story-Shopping experience with both full and A La Carte production services to help you capture, preserve, and promote the story of a lifetime.  Select from a range of service platforms including: content writing, publications, digital audio, and media productions. We will help you capture and write your manuscripts, publish your books and ebooks, produce your videos, and create digital platforms for your websites and more.

Life Story: An account of a person’s life. May include information about ancestors. May also be an autobiography ( factual account of one’s life written by oneself), or a biography that is written by someone other than the subject. Can take the form of memoir, letter.

Family History:The story of a family that may include several generations and many branches of the family tree. It may be a written account, as in a book, with photographs, or a multimedia DVD.

Emerging Artist/Professional: Today, with social media, everyone needs a

Corporate/Business history: The history of a company, from its roots to present time. May include interviews with employees, leaders, customers, or people living in the community where the business operates.

Community History: Similar to a company, Community Histories will include interviews with more than one member


  Personal Family Emerging Artist Corportate / Community
Basic $500 $1000 $700 $1500
Deluxe $1100 $2500 $2500 $5500
Premium $3700 $5500 $5500 $15000
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