My Company’s Story


Tell Your Company’s Story
A well-honed founding story can help you connect with investors, employees, and consumers — and, keep them listening.
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The history of a company, from its roots to present time. May include interviews with employees, leaders, customers, or people living in the community where the business operates.


Storytelling Production Products

  • Audio Recordings
  • Manuscript
  • Slide Presentation
  • Heirloom Book
  • E-book
  • Audio CD
  • Video Production
  • Website


  • Project Planning
    • Goals
    • Scheduling
    • Framing the Story
  • Pre-Interview Preparation
  • Interviews
  • Filming
  • Photographing
  • Story Productions
    • Manuscript Production
    • Slide Presentation
    • Heirloom Book
    • Audio Recordings
    • Filming
    • Photographing
    • Website

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