My Personal Lifetime Story


Personal Life Story Productions is designed to capture, brand, and share the story of an individual. It may be a biography story told by the main subject, or an autobiography story that is told by another person.

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Package Descriptions

The story production of the Personal Life Story is an account of your life (a biography) or the life of someone you cherish (autobiography). Your Personal Life Story may include information about ancestors, particularly those whose lives have affected you deeply. May also be short autobiography ( factual account of one’s life written by oneself), or a biography that is written by someone other than the subject. Can take the form of memoir, letter.

Production Outputs

Your story production can result in several items to cherish for a lifetime. The include:

  • Audio Recordings
  • Manuscript
  • Slide Presentation
  • Heirloom Book
  • E-book
  • Audio CD
  • Video Production
  • Website

Initial Planning
Every Personal Story Production begins with a vision and a plan. Your first step will be to sit down with your story manager (by phone or in person) to discuss the purpose and intention of the story as well as the vision. This includes discussing the number of people who may be involved in the project, setting goals and identifying milestones. Your story manager will walk you through a process to help you identify the theme of your store as well as the framework.

Pre-Interview Preparation

Next, you will prepare for the pre-interview process, which includes selecting interviewees, materials, location, and a schedule.


All all oral interviews will be filmed and audio taped.


A transcript of the interviews will be delivered and reviewed to determine the best content for media productions.

Photo Shoots

On location photo will be taken to complement the existing photos.

Product Output Review and Approval

Story Production Review and Approval

There are three pricing packages to choose from that includes various levels of story production products:

Basic $500.00
Deluxe $1100.00
Premium $3,700.00